Miles on a Mission — New in 2024 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Tri My Best!

St. Louis Children's invites you to participate in Miles on a Mission in support of our Tri My Best athletes. Celebrate 10 years of Tri My Best by completing 10 miles of activity by September 10. Donate $30 to participate in this challenge.

Your donation supports cerebral palsy programming. Utilized by many of our Tri My Best athletes, these programs are designed to promote the integration of young people with cerebral palsy and related disabilities into sports activities.


Fun ways to get 10 miles:

  • Run, swim or cycle one mile a day for 10 days!
  • Walk your dog one mile a day for 10 days!
  • Go on a nature hike!
  • Play a sport and track your miles!
  • Go for several longer walks on the weekends!
  • Track your miles using our mileage tracker!

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Miles on a Mission Toolkit

Miles on a Mission Participants:
Jill Wiethuchter & Graham