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    Start Your Own Fundraiser

    Got a fundraiser in mind? Honor a loved one or caregiver, forego birthday gifts or maybe complete a half marathon. Whatever you choose to do will help us do what's right for kids.

  • Create

    Personalize Your Fundraising Page

    Customize your page with photos or videos and your story of why you're raising money for St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

  • Raise

    Raise Money to Help Kids

    Reach out to friends and family—through email, social media or phone calls—and ask them to donate or join you.

Fundraising Toolkit

Fundraising Ideas

  • Get Active

    Like to move? Get active while fundraising for St. Louis Children’s!

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  • Get Creative

    Have your own idea? You can fundraise for St. Louis Children’s any way you see fit!

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  • Honor a Loved One

    Celebrate a special person by fundraising for St. Louis Children’s in their honor!

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  • Honor a Caregiver

    Give back to a physician, nurse, therapist or other staff member who impacted your St. Louis Children’s experience.

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  • Celebrate a Milestone

    Celebrating a birthday or anniversary? Help St. Louis Children’s by fundraising in honor of your special day!

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  • Pay Tribute to a Loved One

    Create a tribute fundraiser to honor or remember a loved one.

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Your Impact

Pediatric care is complex. It requires child-friendly facilities and services that meet the unique psychological and emotional needs of children and their families. Unfortunately, the things kids need aren’t always covered by insurance.

Your fundraising empowers us to do what’s right for kids, instead of just what’s best for the bottom line.