KIDstruction Week 2024

KIDstruction Week 2024: August 5–9

KIDstruction Week is an opportunity for the St. Louis regional architectural, construction and engineering industries to join together to support St. Louis Children's Hospital. Please consider donating $2 or more for every hour you work during KIDstruction Week to help celebrate doing what's right for kids.

In order to receive KIDstruction Week apparel, donations must be made by August 30, 2024.

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Introducing our 2024 KIDstruction Patient Ambassador


St. Louis Children's Hospital is committed to doing what's right for kids. That means providing family-centered care and exceptional service to every patient, every family, every day. Supporting the whole child is vital for not only our 2024 KIDstruction Week Ambassador, Grady, but for all kids receiving care at St. Louis Children's Hospital.

Thanks to generous donations, Child Life Services at St. Louis Children's is always available to promote positive healthcare experiences for all. They work with patients and families to develop ways to cope with fear, anxiety and separation from friends and family by using play, music, art, recreation and education techniques. Our Center for Families is a donor-funded hub that provides families with the necessary resources while their child is receiving care. Whether it's a fresh cup of coffee, a hot shower or the chance to have a family dinner, the Center for Families provides a sense of normalcy for families during their child's medical journey.

To support family-centered care for kids like Grady, donate $2 or more per hour in your 40-hour work week. Your donations will directly impact every child, family and caregiver who walks through the doors of St. Louis Children's. With your help, we will create the best possible healthcare experience for every patient we serve.

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