Frequently Asked Questions

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KIDstruction Week is an opportunity for the St. Louis regional architectural, construction and engineering industries to join together to support St. Louis Children's Hospital

Please consider donating $2 or more for every hour you work during KIDstruction Week to help do what's right for kids.

Just $2 per hour, for one week. That's it. Simple, yet powerful.


Your foreman will register your team.

  1. Click "Start a Company Team" in the top navigation bar, or the button on the homepage.
  2. Type the name of your company and your company team's fundraising goal. Choose a goal that aligns best with your company – it could be $1,000 or $10,000. Select the company team size (small, medium or large depending on the number of employees). Click next step.
  3. Fill out personal contact information. As the company foreman, you will hold the username and password for the company team's Participant Center. This is how you will track donations, progress, emails, etc.
  4. Click "Complete Registration."
  5. Next, you will see an overview of the company registration. You will now be able to access the Participant Center.
  6. You will also receive two automated emails. The first will thank you for registering and will include your login information. The second is an email template that can be forwarded to all company employees.

Participant Center

To access the Participant Center, click on the Foreman Login at the top right hand corner of your screen. You will need the username and password you created when signing up. Once logged in, click the Start a Company Team tab. From there you will be directed to the Participant center, where there are four tabs to choose from:

  • Home
  • Email
  • Profile
  • My Team

Please note, if idle too long, the session will time out.

The Home tab offers a quick glance of the company's process and recent activity.

To customize the team page, click on the "My Team" tab. Here, you can change font and copy, add your company logo or another custom photo, etc. Be sure to click "save."

You can preview the company team page from this tab as well.

The Team Page is where you will direct company employees to make their gifts. Employees should click the "Donate Now" link to make their gift on the company team page.

The company team page also contains a team roster that shows the Foreman's name, along with a list of those who have made a donation to the company team. There is a thermometer to track the team's fundraising goal progress as well as a team honor roll that shows the top 10 donors on the team. Note that employees can elect to hide their donation amount from public view when making their donation. There is also a link to the comprehensive company team donor list.

Under the "My Team" tab, you will see a chart that tracks donation amounts and dates. Note that a list of personal donation amounts can be viewed by the Foremen under "Team Donations" since they are the team managers, however employees can elect to hide the dollar amount from public view when making their donations.


To support your company team, click on "Support Your Company Team" tab at the top of the homepage, or the button in the center of the home page.

Under "search for a team," type the name of your company. If you don’t see the company team name, click the magnifying glass in the search box to view all registered teams. This tool is also helpful to determine if a company team has already registered. There will be no way to tell if there are duplicate company teams outside of this search function.

Once you identify your team name, click on it and you will be directed to the company team page. From there you can click Donate. The Foreman's name will also appear in the search near the company team and if clicked, the link will redirect to the company team page.

When filling out the donation information, choose the dollar amount, whether or not you want it to be anonymous, whether you want the amount of your donation displayed on the website publicly, the recognition name (i.e. how you want to be listed in the Team Honor Roll: Bob Smith or Bob and Kathy Smith) and your billing information. Then click "Process."

Your gift will be added to the overall goal of KIDstruction Week, as well as to the goal of your company team, which was established by the Foreman during company team registration.