KIDstruction Week


How do I register my Company Team on the KIDstruction TeamRaiser site?

  • Your company foreman will register your company team. You/they will start that process by clicking “Start a Company Team” at the top of the site, or in the middle of the homepage.
  • Type out the name of your company and your company team’s fundraising goal (choose a goal that aligns best with your company -- it could be $1,000 or $10,000), along with the company team size (small, medium or large-size company). Click next step.
  • Fill out personal contact information as company foremen will hold the user name/password of the company team’s participant center, which will track donations, progress, emails, etc. Click next step.
  • Click “Complete Registration”
  • Once the overview of the company registration pops up on the screen, you will be able to access the “Participant Center”
  • You will also receive two automated emails. One that says “Thank you for registering your company team” with log-in information and one that is a template email that can be forwarded to the rest of the company. It has the following information:

    Dear ____ (the foreman’s name),

    While you can send emails from your participant center, you can also just forward this note along to share the exciting news of your participation in KIDstruction. (The foreman will have to fill out the name of their company at the top and in the signature.)

    Dear Employees and Friends, __ company has just registered as a participant in St. Louis Children’s Hospital’s KIDstruction Week. This campaign is your chance to join with your fellow colleagues to “do what’s right for kids.” Funds raised through KIDstruction Week will allow St. Louis Children’s Hospital to continue providing the very best pediatric care through cutting-edge medicine, research, innovative programs and community outreach. For more information about St. Louis Children’s Hospital and its important work, please visit their website.

    The KIDstruction Week campaign is happening now through August 31. Please support our organization’s goal to make a difference in the lives of children in our community. CLICK HERE to make a donation (link to company page). Making a tax-deductible donation online makes supporting KIDstruction Week quick and easy; however, if you would prefer, you can choose to make your contribution through payroll deduction (the first pay period in August 2016) or you can send in a check. All off-line donations will be entered in by Children’s Hospital when they are received so they can be included in our online totals.

    Make all checks payable to: St. Louis Children’s Hospital and please put KIDstruction Week/our company name in the Memo field.

    Mail to:
    St. Louis Children’s Hospital
    P.O. Box 955423
    St. Louis, MO 63195-5423

    Your tax-deductible gift supports the hospital’s mission to do what’s right for kids. Whatever you can give will help - it all adds up! We greatly appreciate your support and will keep you posted on our company’s progress.


    Company Name

    To make a donation online now, please visit our company page (link to company team page).

How do I use the Participant Center?

  • The Participant Center is only accessible through the user name/password created by the company team foreman. From this dashboard, which can be accessed in the top right corner near the log-in, there are four tabs: Home (shows fundraising progress and recent activity); Email; Progress; and Team Page
  • To customize the team page, click on Team Page Tab. You can change font, change copy, add your company logo or another custom photo, etc. There will be a default photo of a child that can be changed. Click “save” after customizing.
  • You can preview the company team page from this tab as well. This is where you will direct company employees to make their gifts. Employees will be encouraged to click the “Donate Now” link to make their gift on the company team page.
  • The company team page also contains a team roster that shows the Foreman’s name, along with a list of those who have made a donation to the company team. There’s thermometer of team’s progress to their fundraising goal and a team honor roll which shows the top 10 donors on the team (amount of donation can be hidden from public view at time of donation). There is also a link to the full donor list of the company team (again, amount of donation can be hidden from public view at time of donation).
  • Back on the Participant Center dashboard, under the Progress tab, you will see a chart that tracks donation amounts and dates. There is also a donation history section where you can turn off email notifications when someone makes a gift (this was a box that was automatically clicked when signing up a Company Team). A list of personal donations can also be viewed foremen can always see the amount of each donation since they are the “manager” of the team, but the donation amount can be hidden from public view at time of donation.
  • Under the Email tab on the participant center dashboard, the foreman can send emails to company team members by creating his/her own email, or using the templates, which include “Please support our efforts” and a “KIDstruction Team message” that updates the team and asks that a message to friends/family be sent out. Friends and family can also donate to a company page.
  • If idle too long, the session will time out the foreman who is logged in with user name/password

How do I support my Company Team

  • Both employees and friends and family of employees can go on to the company team page and make a donation that will contribute to the overall goal of the company team and the overall goal of KIDstruction Week
  • To support the company team, click on “Support a Company Team” tab at the top of the homepage, or in the center of the page or, you can click the “Donate Today” button in the opening paragraph on the homepage.
  • Under “search for a team”, type the name of your company. Or, if you don’t see the company team name, click the magnifying glass in the search box to see all registered teams. This tool is also helpful to see if a company team has already been registered. There will be no way to tell if there are duplicate company teams outside of this search function.
  • Click on the team name once found in the search and it will go to the company team page where you can click Donate, or you can click on the Donate Now link once the name is found in the search. The foreman’s name will also appear in the search near the company team and if clicked, the link will redirect to the company team page. We are not allowing for personal pages for the first year of the new campaign website, but it will likely be allowed in the future.
  • When filling out the donation information, choose the amount, whether or not you want it to be anonymous, whether you want the amount of your donation displayed on the website publicly, the recognition name (how you want to be listed in the Team Honor Roll: ex.) Bob Smith or Bob and Kathy Smith) along with billing information, then click “Process.”
  • Your gift will be added to the overall goal of KIDstruction Week, as well as to the goal of your company team, established by the foreman during company team registration.