KIDstruction Week

About KIDstruction

KIDstruction Week is an opportunity for the St. Louis regional architectural, engineering and construction industries to join together to support St. Louis Children’s Hospital’s mission: “to do what’s right for kids.”

Participating companies offer their employees the opportunity to contribute $1, or more, via payroll deduction for each hour work they work during “St. Louis Children’s Hospital’s KIDstruction Week.” Participating companies are also encouraged to match their employees’ gifts at a percentage of their choosing, or make a lump sum donation to demonstrate their commitment to the cause.

Employees are also encouraged to engage in our new KIDstruction Week website where they can make an online donation to support their company team, learn about fundraising progress of their company and others’ companies, and interact with special videos and links sharing the impact of donations.

CLICK HERE to view the PDF with more information about Joining our KIDstruction Crew!

Foreman Headquarters

We hope that the new website format is helpful in getting employees in your company engaged in KIDstruction Week online. However, the tools below are helpful if you choose to do payroll deduction in your offices instead. Please contact Kathryn Lodes if you have any questions about these materials:

Downloadable Packets
Download The Foreman Toolkit
Download the Donation Collection Envelope Template
Download the Participation Spreadsheet

KIDstruction Sponsorship

As a corporate sponsor, your company has an immense opportunity to align itself with the St. Louis Children’s Hospital brand in a promotion targeted specifically to the construction industry.

Opportunities include:

  • Recognition on KIDstruction Week t-shirt:
    • More than 2,500 distributed in 2016
  • Thank you card to all donors
    • Circulation of 3,000
  • Recognition on Children's Hospital Donor Hall:
    • More than million visits a year


Download 2017 Sponsorship Opportunities
Download the 2017 Sponsorship Commitment Form